Wildflower Honey

Raw and All Natural

Our bees visit a wide variety of wildflowers such as dandelion, wild raspberry, bittersweet, asters, clover, and milkweed, along with flowering trees like maple, willow, sumac, and locust, to create a wonderfully unique, light honey.


As August turns to September the bees bring in goldenrod, aster, and Japanese knotweed, producing an amber, more robust flavored, honey. In cooperation with other beekeepers who have the same standards of beekeeping and honey handling practices, we bring you the "Bordeaux of Honeys" from across Connecticut.  


What many people don’t know is that honey and other natural products from the hive have been used for centuries for their significant health and cleansing properties. Thus, we created Three Sisters Farms NATURALS to bring these benefits to you.