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Named for our three daughters, Three Sisters Farms is proud to be the first and so far only registered apiary in Essex, an historic small town located along the lower Connecticut River in southeastern Connecticut. To find out more check out our video, above. 

Glenn and Stasia

Stasia & Glenn PenkoffLidbeck

Stasia grew up in Trumbell, Connecticut, next door to her grandparents and their 30 hives.  In 1998, she rekindled her interest in bees, starting with two colonies -- which quickly grew to five after hiving a swarm that swarmed again and again. So by 1999 we had surplus honey and Three Sisters Farms was born.  After daughter, Kyra, had an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting, Stasia and the girls focused on making products with honey as an ingredient.  Glenn took over as primary beekeeper and manager of online store operations. Today the three sisters, Kyra, Anastasia, and Nadia, return to assist with major events.

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