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Raw Wildflower Honey

Raw Wildflower Honey

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UPDATE: We currently have our 2022 Fall crop available for sale. Our summer honey may be SOLD OUT soon. However, our EVANS LANE RESERVE -- our unbelievably delicious honey harvested from two of our hives on Evans Lane-- is still available but supply is LIMITED . See the product description for more information and to make a purchase.


All natural, raw Connecticut wildflower honey from apiaries in the Connecticut River Valley. Seasonally harvested, the honey ranges from our summer honey, straw-yellow and light, with a hint of raspberry-peach finish, to the dark and full-flavored fall crop. Color variation due to different flowers and nectars throughout the season. Black locust and clover, among others, are collected by the bees early in the bloom cycle; whereas Fall brings the robust amber honey from golden rod, Japanese knotweed, and whatever else may be in bloom at that time. Amazing!


We also sell our honey in a nice 5 oz gift size. Perfect for wedding favors, housewarming gifts, or travel. Share the best! Volume discount available for 15 or more (select "5 oz v" for volume discount). For orders over 25 jars, please contact us at least two weeks ahead. contact us. We believe jars will be available to us by then.


    Raw wildflower honey will vary in color and flavor according to the nectar sources available.  We usually take two harvests, our first one in late July is light in color with a sweet berry-to peach- flavor--primary nectar sources include black locust (late May), dandelion (early May), and clover, but includes blooms from April to early July.  The Fall honey is amber to dark amber, colored and flavored by visits to goldenrod and, sometimes, Japanese knotweed (an invasive that the bees transform into a rich, dark honey).  Occasionally, we have an overlap of both in stock but availability will vary throughout the year.


    Orders shipped within 1-3 business days (candle orders sometime take a bit longer). USPS Priority Mail on most shipments; First Class mail availablle for  shipments weighing less than 11 oz.  USPS Priority Mail insurance is included for orders valued at $50 or less.  Tracking information provided by USPS,


    • Extraordinary!  Flavor beyond belief.  It's EVAN RESERVE. The French believe the terroir and oceanic climate put Bordeaux wine in a class by itself. Our bees turned nectars in Cross Lots, our farm, and riverine and open space byways of Essex, into a honey unlike any we've tasted before.  You, too, can experience this once in a generation honey: EVANS RESERVE.
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