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Lavender Infused Honey

Lavender Infused Honey

SKU: 364215376135191

All-natural raw wildflower honey with an infusion of lavender produces a lovely honey perfect in tea, on a buttered english muffin, or for use in your favorite recipe. Very popular and limited supply.


8 oz. size is a perfect way to try, or our 5 oz, a great gift size. Try some drizzled over roasted chicken or a dollop of vanilla ice cream!


    Raw wildflower honey will vary in color and flavor according to the nectar sources available.  We take two harvests, our first one in late July is light in color with a sweet berry like flavor--primary nectar sources include black locust (late May), dandelion (early May), and clover, but includes blooms from April to early July.  The Fall honey is amber to dark amber, colored and flavored by goldenrod and, sometimes, by Japanese knotweed (an invasive that the bees transform into a rich, dark honey).  Occasionally, we have an overlap of both in stock but availability will vary throughout the year.


    Orders shipped within 1-3 business days (candle orders sometime take a bit longer). USPS Priority Mail on most shipments; First Class mail used on shipments weighing less than 11 oz.  USPS Priority Mail insurance is included for orders valued at $50 or less.  Tracking information provided by USPS,

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