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Extraordinary!  Flavor beyond belief.  It's EVANS RESERVE. The French believe the terroir and oceanic climate put Bordeaux wine in a class by itself. Likewise, our bees turned spring-bloom nectars from Cross Lots nature preserve, our farm, and riverine and open-space byways of Essex, into a honey unlike any we've tasted before.  You, too, can experience this once in a generation honey: EVANS RESERVE.  2022 is a repeat!  The first harvest from these hives was our earliest on record, mid-June (3-4 weeks earlier than is usual) and included copious amounts of black locust nectar--known as a "white  honey", which bloomed for six days in late May.  Our 2022 EVANS RESERVE is delicate and sweet.   A distinctive, beautifully etched EVANS RESERVE metal cap seals the deal (when available!).  Like a fine wine, this is a honey VINTAGE that you'll remember for years to come.  Sold by the 1 lb and 8 oz jar only.


    EVANS RESERVE is named after George Evans, who lived at the top of the bluff overlooking the Connecticut River, on the road bearing his name for at least the last 100 years.  Three Sisters Farms sits at the end of this "Road to Nowhere", ending at the tree-filled paddock adjacent to the Essex Land Trust's Harriet Downey Cheney Cross Lots Preserve.

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