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Beeswax Tapers - 12"

Beeswax Tapers - 12"

$9.50 Regular Price
$8.55Sale Price

100% Pure beeswax candles -- one pair of 12" x 3/4" candles.  Cotton wicks burn bright and clean.  Burn time is approximately 10 hours. Natural beeswax will vary in   Nothing beats the beauty of a beeswax candle burning brightly!

  • Caution

    Candles should only be burnedwhile using an approved non-flammable candle holder.   Candles should only be lit by an adult, 18+ years old.  For safety, monitor lit candles and keep out of reach of  young children.  Pets. such as cats, and dogs, should be monitored and directed to assist with staying  away to lessen chance of knocking over the candles.

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